ECT Patient Information: Richard Abrams Tells All

ECT Patient Information

Watch as Dr. Richard Abrams explains ECT information to patient Fizzy   Dr. Richard Abrams gives patient Fizzy some ECT patient information, as he explains the ins and outs of shock therapy. He helps her understand that today’s ECT is very scientific and is new and improved, kinder and gentler, and kumbaya my lord, kumbaya. […]

Bob Simon interviews Harold Sackeim about ECT

60 Minutes on ECT

“The viewers are too stupid to know the difference” (between an MD and someone with a PhD in psychology). This was truly said by a 60 Minutes producer (paraphrased). Just sayin, if you watch 60 Minutes, some of them think you’re too stupid to understand basic concepts. And this is why I love 60 Minutes. […]