Shock therapy and football concussions

Concussions in football: now former players with dementia, Parkinson’s and other brain disorders have sued – and settled with – the football industry, saying they should have been warned that all those bashes to the head could cause long-term damage.

This is all a dirty lie, and in no way do brain bashes cause any problems. Next thing you know, someone will file a lawsuit against the shock industry and claim that shock causes long-term damage.

The many shock patients who now have such brain issues were simply unfortunate victims of genetics. Look at any family with lots of dementia and it’s clear: genetics. All the healthy living and magic spells in the world won’t help you escape your genetic fate. That is, unless there is a miracle cure in the next five years, and with the great strides in brain research – plus magic spells – anything is possible.

Shock therapy is a lifesaver. It saves lives. It cures cancer. And it can take a disobedient wife and turn her into the perfect hostess, complete with a smile and Tupperware. (That, my friends, is called Electrolove Therapy, and was a real good deal until those dirty loudmouthed shock “activists” stuck their noses in things.)

These hooligans calling themselves human rights activists need to shut their cake holes and climb back in bed. NOBODY comes between me and MY shock therapy!

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