How Mecta Was Born: The Shock Machine

I really LOVE the fact that one of the two manufacturers of the shock machines (including the Mecta Spectrum ect devices) also makes the Easy Bar.

On one side of the factory, workers are putting together new and improved, kinder and gentler, more scientific machines.

And on the other side, other guys are assembling the Easy Bar machines, which deliver just the right amount of booze into mixed drinks at your favorite bar. How fantastic is that?

The owners of Mecta, the shock machine part of the company, Robin and Gorham Nichol, are not doctors, nor are they in any way associated with mental health. They hire Harold Sackeim (who is also not an MD, but like other non MDs, he passes himself off as one and the media either plays along or thinks you’re too stupid to know the difference between PhD and MD) for that.

They just own the company to make money. Now I don’t know which came first, the booze machine or the shock machine. But imagine, if you will, the following conversation…

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