Shock and lobotomies: a good combo platter

Oh that Dr. Peter Breggin is at it again. This time he’s called shock a “lasting frontal lobotomy.”

And the problem with that is….? Lobotomies were a good thing. They saved lives and helped so many people. Just ask the Kennedy family.

Look, shock is love, and I cannot tolerate any criticism. It brings SHAME to the whole kit and kaboodle, and might scare some people away.

You detractors may NOT scare people away.

You don’t have that right. I have the right to tell them just how great it is, because it’s great! If you disagree, then you’re a Presbyterian and you kill kittens.

One of the greatest things about shock is that it *can* be used to change behavior. If you have a gay child, use shock. It worked for Lou Reed. Zap. No longer gay.

It has been used very successfully in the Electrolove program. It sounds like science fiction, but it was real! And they need to bring it back and turn my mom into the happy fucking housewife! Because I demand meals I see on Food TV! You can apply this technique to slutty daughters, teenage sons who refuse to play football and your toddler pageant queens if the go-go juice isn’t enough. You name it! The possibilities are endless.

I’ve just been informed that Lou Reed is still gay. Okay, so there are some failures. You have to understand psychiatry is a new science. There will be failures, but that shouldn’t keep us from trying.

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