Schizoaffective Disorder: Mental Illness Minute

Schizoaffective Disorder: Don’t let it kill you

What is schizoaffective disorder? Well, it’s a terrible mental illness and many billions of people may have it. It requires lots of medications and shock therapy.

There IS good news! There were rumors that schizoaffective disorder would be removed from the latest version of the DSM, but it seems our worst fears were not realized. Praise the lord!

You can learn more about schizoaffective disorder by watching this video. Then ask your doctor, “Could schizoaffective disorder be right for me?”

Accept no substitutes, but always remember: don’t argue with your psychiatrist. This could have unwanted side effects, including: a slap to the face, your psychiatrist yelling at you and reminding you HE is the doctor and YOU are the lowly mental patient, forced hospitalization, forced drugs and shock (although that’s a good thing!) and possible sexual expectations.

If you think you have schizoaffective disorder, remain calm. Go visit your parents and flip over a chair and ask them to call 911. This will result in quality help heading your way. You will be taken to a fine hospital and given the most scientific treatments.

Remember, help is on the way! Good luck with your schizoaffective disorder and SMILE!


Now watch my video about Schizoaffective Disorder:



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