Psychiatry is the religion of peace

The religion of peace is psychiatry.

Behold the glory and the power and spread the good news of the lord. Lord E Fuller Torrey. He is the light.

You may have heard that Islam is the religion of peace, but this is a false tale. Psychiatry is the one and true religion of peace and our prophet is the profit. We worship the almighty dollar, heavy medications, shock therapy and sexual healing through professional touch.

Turn over your problems to the prophet of profit, be still and know. Know that He is with you at all times. He is in your medicine cabinet,  just a gulp of water away. Know that He is hooked into the electrical grid, ready to explode your head into glory and love.

Oh ye of little faith, go forth and spread the word. He is the word. The secret word is DSM. Carry that with you at all times, as ye will need it to be admitted into the secret  sex dungeons.

Please wear appropriate attire to services. The church of psychiatry doesn’t appreciate polyester pant suits or whorish red lipstick.


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