Watch How Easy Psychiatric Medication Compliance Can Be With Easy Dose

What do you do when you have a friend or family member who is non-compliant and refuses to take their psychiatric medications?

You turn to Easy Dose vending machines, made by Mecta Corporation. Mecta also makes electroshock machines and the Easy Bar, which scientifically dispenses the correct amount of alcohol so bartenders stop ripping off their employers.

This informercial shows parents how they can trick their non-compliant loved one into pushing a button for a Twinkie, and getting a nice dose of psych meds instead! It’s super scientific. You’ll never have to worry about psychiatric medication compliance again!

I hope to see the day when Easy Dose vending machines are in every hotel, airport, office building and fire department, and you can swipe your insurance card, then get your pills. Wouldn’t that be convenient? I think so.

The idea is sweeping America, so get on board. Order your machine today and let’s make America a better place to live. If you live in another country that’s your problem. Go USA!

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