My new series: Homage To Norman Rockwell

This is the first in a series I will do to honor the great paintings of Norman Rockwell. I know, you thought he was kinda cheesy and sometimes creepy. Well, I do too and I pay homage to the master. Stay tuned for more in this series of great art. The art of Norman “Shock Girl” Rockwell.

Here I present “Thanksgiving Memories.” Google it if you’ve forgotten Norm’s original. This is my interpretation of the true joy of Thanksgiving. It’s all true, too. From my toxic ex-family to yours, have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hopefully no bloody turkey for you! (Hint: helps to thaw the bird first.) Master Art after the cut…

My interpretation of Norman Rockwell, from my new series to honor the master of this wonderful art. If you’re offended, go fuck yourself. And please have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Shock Girl says

    His name is “one inch” and they sell them at the Pure Pleasure Adult Megacenter, downtown St. Louis. And they have other locations around the St. Louis area, but the puppets and strapons are only at the downtown location.

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