Mental Illness Stigma: Break the Silence

Mental Illness Stigma: Break The Silence


Sure, there’s stigma against mental illness. Anyone with a psychiatric label faces regular discrimination, condescension and derision.

Most people in society claim they respect persons with psych labels. Yet they don’t hesitate to mock them behind their backs (even though they themselves are often beyond help), and even try to have patients locked up for simple convenience, or worse, for selfish purposes.

So feel free to “stigma bust” all you want. It’s a load of crap. No matter how many commercials Glenn Close does, trotting out her sister on parade as the token “mentally ill sibling,” or how often people say “Yes, we have to stop the stigma,” it’s nothing but a big, stinking pile.

It’s like saying “I’m not a racist, I baked some cookies for Martin Luther King Day,” and then you turn around and complain about “Goomers” driving taxi cabs or stinking up the dorm with the aroma of curry. Or you think every person with brown skin must be a terrorist.

If you’re reading this and shaking your head and saying “Oh, but I’m different. I really do believe those mentally ill people are just like everyone else,” go fuck yourself. You’re full of shit.

There is no stigma busting, and there never will be. Persons with psychiatric labels will always be the last niggers of the world. Mental illness is the new colored person. (I actually have an ex-uncle who refers to blacks as coloreds and tells you off if you raise an eyebrow. What the fuck? It’s 2013.)

So don’t bother wasting time on “stigma busting.” NAMI pretends to and gets bent out of shape when Build A Bear had a toy in a straightjacket and cuffs. But they have no problem sucking the dick of E Fuller Torrey, who believes mental patients all belong back in state hospitals of shame, where they can be treated like the non-humans they are. Plus, he wants more brains for his basement. (And if you’re a cat lover, forget it because he believes cats cause schizophrenia.)

NAMI also wants to stigma bust and wants Americans to stop making fun of persons who drool and have other drug side effects, but they have no problem with forcing said drugs on people, causing them to drool and get man boobs. (Those are the minor effects. There are many that are worse. And permanent.)

So here’s a video about breaking the silence of mental illness, the stigma of mental illness and breaking the silence of psychiatric abuse. It caused quite a stir among the “Let’s wear our psych label flags proudly” crowd who think there will be a day when the world gives a shit and stops discriminating.

Dream on, dumbasses. A hundred years from now, our kind will be exterminated. It almost worked in Germany, and don’t think it won’t happen again. Learn from history.

Enjoy this video that celebrated Break The Silence Day, but focused on psychiatric abuse instead of mental illness stigma. Because THAT, my friends, is something that can be fixed.


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