Michelle Shocked needs another round

of shock therapy.

She joins the Westboro church of hate in the name of Jesus (JesusHatesFags and so on), saying that…Jesus hates gays. What was that about Jesus being loving and tolerant?

This kind of shit is why Christianity will one day be a thing of the past with as much relevance as fundie Islam. I had a relative who, during the height of the AIDs epidemic, proposed that all gays should be sent to an island on one of those 10,000 lakes in Minnesota. I concur, except I say send all the fundies and put birth control in the water. Because you KNOW they’ll be sexing it up and giving hand jobs in the airport bathrooms.

This is a great disappointment, Michelle Shocked. We used to like you and your music. Now you’re just another nutball.

Michelle Shocked says god hates gays and yammers on blah blah blah dumb bitch

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