How to argue with flakes

My personal advice is put birth control in their water supply so at least they won’t breed. But barring that, I came across an interesting article at Lifehacker. (great website, btw)

This is a good set of guidelines to read the next time you encounter an internet gnat.

However, sometimes there are people who just aren’t rational. I encountered one myself several months ago, and I think my friends will remember how stymied I was. Her answer to everything I said was “That’s not true.”

We live on earth.

“That’s not true.”

You’re a wonderful human being.

“That’s not true.” (Okay, agreed. You’re a nutball.)

All right, I’m being facetious, but seriously, EVERY response to what I said was “That’s not true.” (And insert a whiny little girl voice, coming from an elderly woman. It wasn’t presh. It was icky poo and creepy. Eyes spinning clockwise creepy.)

So there ARE people out there and you have to say “She drinks the Koolaid and there’s no point.” And move on.

But when you feel there IS hope for positive discourse, consider these tips.

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