Homeland: more shock therapy chatter and Brody goes down

It’s been so long since a television show has captured me the way Homeland has. The networks are all about cranking out the pablum and apple pie for the dullard-soaked masses of Americana. The cable networks have moved towards Honey Boo Boo and the Kardashians because it apparently really sells.

So I wait like a starving mongrel, hoping for a little scrap from HBO. (Game of Thrones!) And now Showtime has given me a side of Kobe beef. Thank you Showtime! Sweet feathery Jesus, this is a good show. It is so tight and perfectly written that I can barely stand it.

The fact that there’s yet another Carrie to love, giving me the perfect Trifecta of Carries, has made it the perfect experience. And she had shock and knows how to regurgitate the brochure like a good shock patient should.

I only wish the writers would stick to the official shock script and make Carrie all perfect, now that she’s had the shock. But they didn’t. She’s bat shit crazier than ever. In last week’s episode, she was flown by the spooks to Beirut. She ADMITTED that being wrong about Brody “fucked me up.” Except she’s right about Brody, but as usual, the spooks fuck themselves in the ass because there are morons driving the ship. They must be from Missouri.

Last night’s episode included even more dish about Carrie’s shock therapy. Brody (the secret terrorist) asked her about it, and she said she had six weeks’ worth on Mondays and Thursdays. Yum!

And like a good girl, she said “It didn’t hurt at all.”

Hello? Has anyone said it hurt? You’re knocked out. You only feel it if the anesthesiologist screws up. And if s/he does, you can’t do a thing about it because you’re paralyzed to keep your bones from breaking and your teeth from being knocked out. But let’s not talk about that, okay? That’s the OLD shock.

Today’s shock is new and improved, and the only bit of laziness on the part of the Homeland writers is that they didn’t really dig into it. But that’s good for MY business, so rah!

Spoiler alert

On last night’s episode, Carrie was accepted back into the CIA, because as we all knew, she was RIGHT about Brody the ginger POW being a turned terrorist. And now they have the tape he made and know they were, as usual, late to the party.

So Carrie and her friends keep saying things to the effect that the ECT was all a mistake. She didn’t need it after all, because she was just trying to dumb down and believe that she was wrong about Brody. When in fact, she was right.

At the end of the episode, she visits Brody in his hotel room, says the jig is up, and the militia rush in. They toss a big Abu Ghraib hood on his head and haul him out. Are we going to see pics of Brody with electrical leads attached to his nuts?

How’s THAT for some shock therapy?

I had expected – and hoped – they would drag this out the entire season. We barely got a peep at secret cameras and spying on Brody. Instead, now he’s headed to Gitmo for some old-fashioned American torture.

But at least it was “unexpected” (as I roll my eyes at using this overused word). Whatever the writers do will be excellent, I have no doubt.

But let’s keep on track. More shock therapy for Carrie, please.


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