FDA ECT Hearings: What Did They Say?

The FDA Holds Hearings on ECT

Yes, this is a parody of sorts about the FDA ECT hearings, about fictional hearings held by the FDA on ECT, or shock therapy. But the facts within the parody are very true.

The risk list comes directly from the FDA Executive Summary at the 2011 meeting of the Neurological Devices Panel.

The Nicols do own Mecta, which manufactures the Spectrum series of shock machines, and they also own Easy Bar, which squirts pre-measured booze into glasses to cut back on bartender “mistakes.” I have always loved the idea that on one side of the factory, they’re making shock machines, and on the other side: booze machines.

You can’t make this stuff up! It couldn’t be any better if a major pharmaceutical company, let’s say Eli Lilly for hypothetical purposes, was making psych meds on one assembly line and blow-up sex dolls on the next line. (That isn’t happening to my knowledge, just saying it would be hilarious. But no more hilarious than the real deal of booze and shock all in one.)

Abrams and Swartz do own the other shock machine company, Somatics. It’s considered the Cadillac of shock machines, and Mecta is the Chevette.

Most importantly, the whistleblower is/was real and the FBI did open an investigation, but felt the statute of limitations had run out and no criminal charges could ever be brought.

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