Mentally Ill Family Member


What to do about a mentally ill family member   Do you want some help for your mentally ill family member? Wondering what Mayor Bloomberg is doing about violent crazy people on the streets of New York? Wondering what Shock Girl’s latest business venture might be? All of these questions answered in the latest episode […]

ECT Patient Information: Richard Abrams Tells All

ECT Patient Information

Watch as Dr. Richard Abrams explains ECT information to patient Fizzy   Dr. Richard Abrams gives patient Fizzy some ECT patient information, as he explains the ins and outs of shock therapy. He helps her understand that today’s ECT is very scientific and is new and improved, kinder and gentler, and kumbaya my lord, kumbaya. […]

How Mecta ECT device company was born: shock & booze!

Mecta was born

Which is the favorite company of Robin and Gorham Nichol? Mecta, manufacturer of popular ECT devices (they’re cheaper than the Caddy of shock, the Thymatron). or Easy Bar, maker of beverage dispensing systems? I like to think the couple loves both children equally. One gives shock, the other gives booze. I call it the Shock […]