If you haven’t had a chance to view my latest episode of Mental Illness Minute, perhaps you have missed the epic news: I have entered into a partnership with Somatics, maker of the Thymatron shock machine and groovy accessories, such as the phallicious mouthguard. We are introducing a new line of accessories to

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Shock Girl’s Guide to Life

That’s right. I have permission from my publisher to announce my upcoming book, “Baldazzled: Shock Girl’s Guide to Life,” which will be out in 2014. I am still in final negotiations with my publisher, but some of the ink is dry and it’s a done deal. We’re just fussing over the details. (Or more precisely, my agent is fussing. I

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Why do I shave my head?

I shave my head so that I’m always ready for a shock therapy tuneup. Remaining hairless keeps my head shiny and smooth for maximum electrode connection. Any rumors you may have heard regarding burns to my scalp are lies, spread by my ex-family members who prefer alien and Djinn removal therapy. They

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